While point of use Supply Optimization programs are a strong component of the Logihedron business, recent years have seen growth in other product offerings such as centralized warehousing and distribution, storage equipment sales, logistics consults, transitions for regional groups, systems integration and implementation support. We are always willing to implement any solutions we propose, as we stand behind our numbers.

Logihedron has implemented Supply Optimization programs in over 60 hospitals across North America encompassing well over 3000 nursing unit supply areas.

Our experience encompasses virtually every commodity required in a healthcare environment including medical/surgical supplies, laboratory supplies, housekeeping, nutrition and food services, laundry as well as specialty areas such as the operating rooms, reprocessing, Cath Labs, Dialysis…

Logihedron Inc. continues to expand and explore new areas of opportunity as they relate to our core strengths in healthcare support services and supply management.

The organization has initiated plans to pursue opportunities in the U. S. and Internationally.

Our Team:

Fred Jasavala – President and CEOFred 02
Mr. Jasavala is a results-oriented professional with over 30 years experience in the healthcare sector.  His senior management experience includes operating positions in both the public and private sectors, with a strong emphasis on the entire spectrum of physical distribution activities.  Mr. Jasavala has had detailed involvement in all aspects of healthcare supply management from the patient care point right back through the operating chain to manufactures and providers of products and services.
From the Logihedron Inc. corporate perspective, Mr. Jasavala is responsible for day-to-day Operations Management and Systems Technology.  Operationally, Mr. Jasavala provides the senior Logihedron Inc. resource with respect to Warehousing and Distribution Services, End-User Supply Management, Supply Chain Process Improvement and all other operational aspects related to the three Logihedron Inc. business divisions.  Mr. Jasavala is recognized as a leader in physical supply chain redesign and process improvements in the healthcare sector.
Mr. Jasavala’s credentials include formal professional development in Operations Management, Logistics, and Supply Chain Process Planning.  In addition, he has an excellent knowledge base related to hospital products, their applications and utilization profiles.


Steve 01 (Medium)

Steve James – Director of Logistics

Steve brings almost 30 years of experience in Healthcare and Warehousing Logistics. Steve began his career in 1984 with Value Link providing Low Unit of Measure programs to hospitals in the GTA. Steve currently manages all warehouse logistical operations that provides LUM program to 24 hospitals.




Mark P 01 (Medium) Mark Peric – Human Resources Manager

Mark joined Logihedron back in 2007 as an Inventory lead, where he quickly rose through the ranks. He is now responsible for managing all HR and Health & Safety related activities for Logihedron.





Farzeen 01 (Medium)

Farzeen Jasavala – Director of Field Operations

Farzeen began working with Logihedron at the young age of 15. She is a pillar in the business having held almost every role in healthcare logistics. Farzeen leads and manages our consulting teams on all Point of Use projects. Farzeen has a solid track record, and extensive experience on projects across North America, has gained a reputation for delivering project on time and has developed solid client relationships.



Mike 01 (Medium)

Michael Baughan – Senior Consultant

Michael is a senior consultant that began working with Logihedron back in 2010. He has held many roles within the organization from Operations Analyst to IT Systems Administration. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Psychology (Honours, Double Major).






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