Point of Use Supply Optimization

If you are going to be successful in driving costs out of the supply chain, we strongly believe that you first must address the source of the costs. End-user Supply Areas are key cost drivers and must be addressed first.

This is the foundation of our success.

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WHAT is involved in a Point of Use Optimization Program?

Our 10 step Implementation program is designed to get you to the point of managing your demand.

10 Step Program

  • Step 1 Form Project Steering Committee
  • Step 2 Data and Information Gathering
  • Step 3 Analysis, Physical Layout and recommendations
  • Step 4 Review with End-users
  • Step 5 Implementation Schedule
  • Step 6 Physical Cart Builds & On Site Review
  • Step 7 Staff Training
  • Step 8 Installation of Carts
  • Step 9 In-Service
  • Step 10 On-going Management

Logihedron has implemented their 10 step program in over 60 hospitals across North America encompassing well over 3000 nursing unit supply areas. (click here for customer list)

WHY a Point of Use Supply Optimization Program?

  • Results in the removal of process costs
  • $$ Savings (ranges from 10%-25%)
    • Space – can be utilized for revenue generating services
    • FTE’s – can be re-allocated to areas deficient in supply chain services
    • Inventory – can be reduced and rationalized
  • Enhanced Service for Caregivers
    • Nursing time freed up to focus on patient care, not Supply Management
    • Better Organized and Identified Supply Areas
    • Optimum Product Mix for End-user Supply Requirements
    • Measurable Workload To Establish Standards
    • Relatively Predictable Activity Levels
    • Reduction In The Number of Order Lines Generated
    • Scheduled Orders thereby Reducing Rush Or Missed Orders
    • Reduction in Obsolesce/Expired Products


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