Centralized Warehousing and Distribution

Logihedron works with multi-site organizations, regional healthcare groups and Shared Services Organizations to develop appropriate and sustainable solutions. These solutions provide environments to ensure optimal patient care focus and efficient operating processes. One of the key services Logihedron offers is the ability to operate and manage a Central Warehouse for their clients, (click here for client listor help the client to a turnkey self managed solution.


WHAT is involved in establishing a Central Warehouse & Distribution facility?

Here is how we can help.

  • Determine costs for a central facility
  • Selecting an appropriate site
  • Consult with you to size the facility
  • Recommend layouts
  • Recommend equipment (storage & machinery)
  • Assess automation opportunities
  • Work with you on transition plans including staffing
  • Design process flows and create an operating model

Once the concept of a central warehouse is approved we can help you develop…

  • Contracts with developers, real estate agents and building contractors
  • Supervise equipment selection and installation
  • Supervise start-up and transition for clients
  • Written standard operating procedures
  • Training programs for staff
  • Establish productivity measures and standards
  • Establish KPI’s relevant to the organization and it’s customers
  • Ensure computer systems meet business requirements
  • Prepare plans to make warehouse operational

WHY we can help you with a Central Warehouse

  • Since 2000 Logihedron has set-up, equipped, staffed and made operational a central warehouse for 8 hospital sites. (20,000 sq. ft.)
  • Prepared transition plans to relocate and expand the warehouse (53,00 sq. ft.) to accommodate 17 additional hospitals to original program (2008)
  • Executed Point of the Supply Optimization for all 17 sites before on-boarding to new central warehouse
  • All 17 new hospitals were on-boarded within 17 months to new Central Warehouse with expanded automation (15 horizontal Carousels, 2 vertical lift modules, conveyor, sorter)
  • Logihedron manages and staffs the warehouse on behalf of the customer.
  • $ Savings (ranges from 10% to 25%)
    • FTE’s
    • Inventory
    • Space
  • Enables Purchasing to drive savings
  • Purchasing savings through
    • Volume
    • Single point of delivery for suppliers
  • A catalyst to drive standardization amongst sites within an organization, and between organizations.

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Warehouse particulars:

53,000 square feet
6 Truck level docks
8 Narrow Aisle Reach Trucks
1 “Man-up” Order Picker Truck
2 Stand-on Walkie Riders
1 Stand-on Walkie Rider (Long John)
1 Eight-spoke sorter
Operates 24 hours / 6 days a week
510 average orders per day
7500 average lines per day
99.7% picking accuracy
4900 average SKU’s
30 Full-Time staff (Logihedron Staff)
8 Part-Time staff (Agency Staff)

  • Mohawk Supply Chain Services (24 sites) – managed and operated by Logihedron Inc.
  • City of Edmonton (8sites) -Self managed
  • Hamilton Health Sciences (4 sites) – Managed and operated by Logihedron Inc.
  • Lakeridge Health (5 sites) – Self managed
  • City of Sudbury (3 sites) – Self managed
  • *Montreal (3 Sites)
  • *Vancouver (3 sites)
  • *Calgary (2 sites)
  • *Toronto (4 sites)

*Pre-Logihedron managed and operated by a distributor (implemented by F. Jasavala)

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