“TransForm required the services of  a logistics partner to provide expertise in establishing a Distribution Center for their impending Home and Community Care business, also to incorporate their Pandemic requirements and storage within the same space. Transform selected Logihedron for their project.

Logihedron reviewed and analyzed the inventory data for both requirements and prepared an efficient layout in the space provided. They know their business and are a very professional group to work with. They were responsive to our needs, sourced all the equipment, provided the labor and accommodated our schedule. They were on budget for the project. The work was done after hours and was completed within 3 weeks. Logihedron are experts in their field and are a trusted partner of TransForm Shared Service Organization”.

Derek Robertson

Vice President, Business Development, TransForm Shared Service Organization

“Logihedron has been a trusted partner of ours for over 10 years. They have helped us design our 53,000 square-foot warehouse, manage all logistical aspects of our just in time operation (averaging a nightly line volume of approximately 7500 lines and picking accuracy of 99.8%) and rapidly on-board new members. With their assistance we have been able to drive down our operating costs, which in turn provide significant average savings of $900K to our member hospitals. Their staff is efficient, knowledgeable, innovative and committed to outstanding customer satisfaction. I look forward to continued partnership with Logihedron”

Tony Di Emanuele, CEO

CEO, Mohawk Shared Services

“As a leading provider of supply chain shared services for our member hospitals, it is critical that we constantly add value for our 25 members and the communities they serve.  Our ability to optimize inventory and to deliver the right supplies, on time in the most efficient manner is at the core of everything we do.  Logihedron has been an invaluable part of this service.  We have a diverse group of hospitals with demanding supply chain requirements.  Logihedron has been a cornerstone for us as we have grown both in the number of member hospitals and our larger centralized warehousing facility.  Key to our operations is having a partner in Logihedron, who understands all aspects of a successful hospital supply chain solution.  Their expertise ranges from, in the hospital departmental cart optimization, to an efficient warehouse management solution.  This has allowed us to maintain extremely high service levels while saving Mohawk Supply Chain Services and our members significant annualized savings. Understanding everything that goes into a hospital supply chain solution and being able to execute, from the warehouse to the floor, with the service demands on us, makes Logihedron a key part of our business solution to our members.  We look forward to our continued relationship with Logihedron.”

Susan Smith

General Manager, Mohawk Supply Chain Services

“Over the last 5 years the health care industry has seen significant growth in activity and acuity resulting in increased pressures and challenges on hospitals.  Consequently, on an annual basis hospitals are challenged to find more effective and efficient operational models to deliver services.  For TOH, the implementation of a new Supply Chain strategic plan and model has been a key transformation to improve the delivery of supply services while achieving operational savings.  Logihedron has played a key role in the planning and implementation of our new supply chain management model and optimization program, which has saved TOH approximately $500 K annually while significantly improving the management of supplies in the organization. The savings achieved have been fully reinvested into patient care services.  It is a pleasure to work with Logihedron.  Beyond the professionalism, they have an intimate knowledge of all aspects of the supply chain in the hospital and health care delivery system.  During our project they met all planning and implementation targets and delivered on the successful completion of the supply chain model.  While an “indirect service” the effective organization of supply chain systems and services directly impacts the care we deliver to our patients and as such it is essential that it operates smoothly, which is what we have in place today.  I would gladly recommend Logihedron to any hospital or group requiring hospital supply chain solutions.  They will find meaningful savings and execute in a professional manner.”

Cameron Love

Vice President, Planning, Support Services & Clinical Programs, The Ottawa Hospital

“Healthcare Materials Management Services (HMMS) engaged Logihedron to conduct a review of our current operations and provide Technical Consulting Services for Logistics and Warehouse Resource Optimization. Logihedron demonstrated flexibility, expertise and professionalism in a collaborative manner that contributed to an increase in warehouse productivity, upwards of 20%. This has had a clearly positive impact on our operations, enabling us to increase capacity, and expand our service offerings to our customers”

Toby O’Hara

General Manager, HMMS

“Everything is so organized.”

“It is so much easier to do my job.”

“Our department has been waiting for a change like this for a long time.”

“Farzeen, thank you again to you and your team for the hard work you all did to help us make this program work. I can’t believe the positive feedback we’ve gotten from our nursing staff!”

“…our staff and the nursing staff are very happy with how this cart is performing. Just my interaction with nursing, they are learning where the products are located, so those CHAMP requests that come down and the item is already on the cart have steadily gone down…” – from a “Doubting Thomas” RN  who had managed Urgent Care supplies

“I can find everything now! The color coded labels help me find what I need.”

“Can you do this on all of my floors too?” 

Front Line Nursing Staff

Kaiser Permanente, Orange County

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chaIn costs in your hospital?