About Logihedron


Logihedron Inc. is a supply management and consulting firm which has been active in the North American marketplace since 1996, primarily focused on the Healthcare Industry. As an independent firm, we take pride in providing unbiased, vendor-neutral recommendations.

Initially a small consulting group, the organization has grown rapidly over the past few years, in terms of both staff and services. The growth has resulted in the establishment of six (6) business units: general consulting, logistics operational assessment, point-of-use optimization, centralized distribution, advanced supply management automation and financing. Logihedron Inc. and Logihedron Corp. (USA) are privately controlled corporations currently owned by Fred Jasavala.



Value Proposition

We are committed to providing our healthcare clients with objective, leading-practice logistics consulting, implementation, and management service solutions. These deliverables produce savings (in the 10%-25% range) in time and money through process reengineering.

Our core competencies are in managing the environments related to point-of-use supply optimization, centralized warehousing and distribution, transportation, inventory management, purchasing and the information technology and systems integral to these functions. Optimal results are achieved when these components are integrated and seamless.

We have successfully and continually demonstrated these sustainable deliverables for over two decades. Our team of dedicated, innovative, creative and knowledgeable specialists collaborate with our clients to drive cost savings in each client’s unique environment.

Mission & values

Logihedron’s raison d’être is to be the preeminent authority in healthcare logistics solutions by providing innovative, professional and reliable expertise while delivering against our promise every day. This is achieved through cost-effective, timely and original solutions.


  • We provide a productive, collaborative and safe work environment for all stakeholders
  • We foster honest and credible relationships with our customers through excellent service
  • We create ongoing value for all stakeholders
  • We foster continuous improvement and services growth without fear of failure, encouraging creativity and innovation
  • We treat employees with dignity, fairness and compassion
  • We embrace the opportunity to provide innovative solutions to complex challenges

Position Statement

Over the last 20 years, logihedron has developed an extensive service portfolio encompassing consulting and implementation. This has driven down costs and created vastly improved efficiencies at all levels in the hospital logistics sector. In addition, logihedron has been an enabler for supply chain shared service organizations (ssos) and health systems.

Our customized product applications help many hospitals, SSOs, hospital systems and clinical caregivers have what they need, when they need it. Over the years this has resulted in substantial dollar savings through the process.

We understand that change isn’t always easy to embrace. That’s why we are with you every step of the way, helping to implement the new structure by providing comprehensive staff training. Our logistics personnel are highly experienced and dedicated to helping get the job done right.

In fact, a great deal of care goes into everything we do.

Nursing staff, doctors and other healthcare professionals regularly comment that our work has made their jobs less frustrating and more effective. Gone are the days of product shortages at crucial times, thanks to our enhanced service delivery processes. Shortages and supply chain miscues are real-time occurrences that some hospitals still experience every day. In fact, since 1996, Logihedron has brought a smile to the faces of many nurses, physicians and other healthcare professionals. And that’s not an easy thing to do.

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