Logistics Consulting

Logihedron’s Logistics Consulting team deals with a wide array of subjects. In most instances we focus on studies which provide recommendations on various logistics related subjects.

Business meeting

WHAT are the areas these consults incorporate?

  • Operations reviews, end to end
  • Transportation reviews/studies, i.e.: in-house vs. contracted
  • Department specific supply management analysis and recommendations e.g. Operating rooms
  • Re-design of available space with layouts
  • Storage equipment recommendations (equipment to fit application)
  • Process re-design
  • Physical re-configuration of stores – including labeling
  • Establish KPI’s and productivity standards
  • Analysis and recommendations of work measurement and staffing levels
  • Analysis and recommendations for product standardization within a regional group or within sites of the same organization
  • Assist in the development of business cases
  • Assist in the formation of SSO’s (Shared Services Organizations)

We often implement any and all recommendations we have made. If you have an idea or concept you would like to investigate, let us help you get it analyzed and implemented.

WHY should I engage in a Logistics Consult?

  • Logihedron’s vast knowledge and experience base
  • Drive efficiencies in processes
  • Alleviates workload for management due to streamlining and definition of processes
  • Proven practices drive user satisfaction
  • Drives $$$$$$$$$ savings from all of the above

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