Review of Consumption Analysis

This product offers our clients the ability to sustain their Point of Use Supply Optimization program post implementation. It can also be implemented as an initialization of an analysis to determine optimum inventory levels on nursing units’ supply areas.

Analyzing data on computer

WHAT is involved in a Review of Consumption Analysis?

  • Logihedron would request a data extract from the clients ERP system
  • Logihedron would insert data into their proprietary software
  • Logihedron would analyze output and assign appropriate values for Minimum/Par and assign a “count” frequency to each item
  • Logihedron would also provide information on;
    • No move/slow move items
    • Dollar value at minimum/par values, pre-post analysis
    • “Count” frequency by item-post analysis
  • Logihedron would review with Clinical Staff all of the above outputs
  • Model of savings predicted on new “count” frequency versus old “count frequency” based on productivity standards
  • Physical adjustments to supply areas to accommodate new Minimum/Par values
  • Colour coded labels (optional) or standard labels for supply areas

WHY should you conduct a Review of Consumption Analysis?

  • Safer patient care & reduced caregiver frustration
  • Reduce frequency of service ($$ savings in labour)
  • Prevent waste through obsolescence and expired product ($$ Lost)
  • Ensure end-users always have product available when they need it ($$ Lost in labour due to urgent requests for product not available when required)
  • Optimize inventory levels ( $$ saved in reducing excess inventory)

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