Supply Storage Equipment

Our selection of products is diverse to help clients find appropriate supply storage equipment for any application.

WHAT are important considerations when choosing Supply Storage Equipment?

Often vendors attempt to sell hospitals equipment that may not represent the perfect choice for the client’s application, which can lead to an inefficient set-up. Logihedron believes that equipment choice is the last consideration, once process, physical layout and frequency of service has been determined. A poor choice of equipment can lead to significant loss of efficiency.

WHY should I get help with Supply Storage Equipment selection and purchase?

  • Logihedron’s significant experience in matching process and efficiency in the selection of storage equipment
  • Consistency in product used to gain standardization
  • End-users benefit from standardized equipment as it is consistent across nursing units and sites in a regional setting
  • Minimize number of vendors for sourcing equipment
  • Drives dollar savings through volume purchases
  • Drives dollar savings through efficient process, space and service frequency efficiencies 
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