Toronto, ON (Canada) and Seattle, WA (USA)—March 23, 2016—Logihedron, a leading supply management and consulting organization, announced today that it has signed an agreement to distribute VUEMED’s Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions in Canada. Beginning May 2016, Logihedron will introduce the VueTrack™ suite into Canadian hospitals, including its flagship UHF Gen2 Passive RFID-based solution, VueTrack-RF. VueTrack-RF is a hands-free, proven and innovative RFID technology that provides the ability to track, document and control clinical products and supplies with the highest degree of accuracy and in real time from their entry point into the hospital all the way to the patient at the point of care.

“Jointly with VUEMED, we hope to transform the way Canadian hospital departments are run,” says Fred Jasavala, President and CEO at Logihedron. “Hospitals and medical centres that will be using the VueTrack™ suite will gain complete control over their clinical inventory, enabling them to document patient cases with precision and efficiency, reduce purchases and waste, improve patient care and increase staff productivity and physician satisfaction.” Logihedron estimates that the efficiency gains and bottom-line savings will generate an impressive Return-On-Investment.

For the past 8 years, U.S.-based VUEMED has been transforming the global healthcare information business through innovative RFID, barcode-scanning technologies, and adhesion to recognized global standards. “We are thrilled to be working with Logihedron to bring our suite of solutions to Canada. Our track record in the United States and worldwide demonstrates the unparalleled results that can be achieved through innovative SaaS-based technologies in healthcare that solve such critical issues as mismanaged inventory, waste and poor documentation at the point of care all at once,” said Arnold Chazal, CEO at VUEMED.

This new strategic alliance was brokered by Patrick Laplante from Strateg Consultants. “Strateg brought both companies together, understanding the need for VUEMED’s solution in Canada and recognizing Logihedron as the perfect catalyst for its deployment. We are looking forward to working together over the next months to open doors across the healthcare network,” concludes Mr. Jasavala.

About Logihedron
Logihedron is a supply management and consulting organization that has been active in the Canadian marketplace since 1996, primarily focused on the healthcare industry. Founded as a small consulting group, the organization has grown rapidly over the past few years in both staff size and services. That growth has resulted in the establishment of three business units: Supply Management Solutions; Centralized Warehousing and Distribution; and Logistics Consulting. Logihedron Inc. is a privately controlled Canadian corporation. For more information, visit

VUEMED is a global healthcare information business dedicated to transforming the healthcare supply chain using the most innovative RFID and barcode scanning technologies available today. VUEMED’s suite of products captures point-of-care and clinical inventory transactions data in real time and with the highest accuracy – tracking devices, supplies, assets, personnel and patients in order to ensure the greatest efficiency and quality in patient care delivery. For more information, visit
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